Jeep workers to experience Wrangler off road capabilities before returning to work.

Jeep workers to experience Wrangler off road capabilities before returning to work.

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Production at Jeep Wrangler will soon return to full swing at the Toledo North Assembly Plant. And Fiat-Chrysler wanted to welcome back their plant workers with a chance to experience the power of the Jeep's they build.

Professional off-road drivers took Jeep Wrangler workers along an intense off-road course, showcasing the various trail rated abilities of the Toledo built SUV.

"Building the Jeep is one thing, but actually getting out on a track and seeing the capabilities that it can do is amazing," said Laurie Turski, a 17-year veteran of the Jeep Plant.

The Wrangler Immersion is the cap off for the return-to-work plan for Wrangler workers who have been waiting for production to begin in their new facility.

"Just being able to ride in them, and then I can touch them and make them and work on what goes in to them, it's going to be so much fun now," said Demarco Minter, who has worked at the Jeep plant for three years.

The workers also have a chance to drive a Jeep on another less intense course.

In all, 3,500 employees will get to experience how the Wrangler handles on three different courses over the next six weeks.

Adam Hillock, Human Resource Manager at the Toledo Assembly Complex said the hope is that the event gives the workers a more tangible understanding of what their hard work produces.

"It just reinforces the pride. And it also reinforces the importance of each and every element that goes into the vehicle and how critical the safety is," said Hillock.

"Knowing that we all have had our hand into making that function the way it functions and performs the way it performs is amazing, simply amazing," said Turski.

Full wrangler production is expected to begin in late November.

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