New recovery center opens in Lucas County to help addicts

New recovery center opens in Lucas County to help addicts

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - There's a new place in Lucas County for addicts to not only get clean, but stay clean.

Matt Bell knows detox beds, all too well.

"I went to 28 treatment centers. I saw a lot of things that worked and a lot of things that didn't work," Bell said.

Finally, something clicked. He's been clean for two years. He started Team Recovery and with the help of others, who've been through it too, he's opened Midwest Recovery Center in Maumee.

"A lot of our staff are people in recovery and there's a therapeutic value that goes without parallel with that. One person who went through something can better help someone else who went through something. Obviously, we need people who are credentialed and we have that. There's no doubt about that," he explained.

The center has 22 detox beds and also offers inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment and outpatient care.

This new center brings the number of detox beds in Lucas County to about 100.

Bell said it's still not enough to meet the need, but that's what they're working on.

"There's nothing that Team Recovery Can do to cure this. There's nothing that Midwest Recovery can do to cure this. There's nothing that all the treatment in Lucas County can do to cure this. The reality is, we have to work together. This is a community problem," said Bell.

The center has been 16 months in the making. Bell never thought he'd be running a recovery center, but he's a true example.

"I know people say, 'if I can do it. you can do it,' but it's true. It's absolutely true," he said.

Anyone that needs help with addiction or knows someone that does need help can find more information here or call the outreach coordinator at  419-262-2436.

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