TPD investigating death of 6-month-old baby

TPD investigating death of 6-month-old baby

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo police are investigating the death of a six-month-old baby boy who was found in a Toledo home.

The baby was found on the 1300 block of Brookview Drive off Airport Highway near Byrne Road around 9:15 a.m.

First responders were called to the home on reports that the baby wasn't breathing.

The baby's mother said she found the baby lying unresponsive on the floor between her bed and the wall.

She said she left the baby sleeping on the bed while she went to work a few hours before and the father slept on the couch.

It is unclear how the baby died, but TPD said an automatic investigation has been launched for the incident.

It appears that foul play was not a factor in the cause of death. No one is in custody, and police do not believe the baby's death was the result of a criminal act.

The coroner's office said the autopsy revealed that no foul play was involved.

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