New Tiffin Mall owners looking to repurpose property

New Tiffin Mall owners looking to repurpose property

As old mall properties are continuing to disappear across the country, one community is working to transform their mall into useful real estate.

A year after the Tiffin Mall was sold to a Toledo-based Development company work has finally got moving with new investments to repurpose the large property.

The first round of developments for the mall property was in a building which now houses an AT&T cellular store and a Jimmy John's and next up, a future Goo Goo car wash facility, which could be a $2.3 million project that would create 15 new jobs.

Tiffin Mall owners, Key Hotel and Property Management said they are continuing to negotiate new deals for the rest of the property that has seen more vacancies than activity over the last few years.

But local Economic Development officials said thinking outside of the box and repurposing the real estate is what needs to be done at this large property, but it won't happen overnight.

"You know, it takes time for deals to develop. This is only the beginning of developing the outlots and the lots along the road and attracting retail into town. And we'll see more and more development there over the next few months," said David Zak, the President and CEO of SIEDC.

SIEDC will be working on an incentive package to help finalize the development deal with Goo Goo Carwash over the next few weeks.

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