Tiffin short rail line to undergo major maintenance

Tiffin short rail line to undergo major maintenance

TIFFIN, OH (WTOL) - Rural communities are used to seeing big rail companies constantly rolling through town, but did you know northwest Ohio has many smaller, independent short rail lines?

A short rail line that runs from Tiffin to Woodville that facilitates the transfer of 2,600 carloads a year will soon get some significant maintenance.

The short rail line has been owned by the Sandusky-Seneca County- City of Tiffin Port Authority for 25 years.

The 26 miles allows direct delivery of both finished products and raw materials for multiple businesses with 8 rail shippers , and can connect to larger class railways.

"Short lines are kind of like a small business. It provides great service, and in addition these companies have choices on which larger provider they want to go with once it comes off the track. So, companies like choice," said Executive Director of SSTPA, David Zak,

The announced $900,000 improvements will replace 7,000 rail ties, and resurface 24 miles of track. This is on top of a second investment last year of $500,000 where new gates and lights were installed and other crossings improved.

The updates are to ensure the line can continue to act as an asset to help bring potential new businesses to the area.

"I certainly think that businesses want to know that the infrastructure is up to snuff, and this certainly gets it ready to go with no issues whatsoever," Zak said.

The work will begin later this fall.

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