Family of victim shot in central Toledo seeks justice

Family of victim shot in central Toledo seeks justice
(De'Asia Wallace)
(De'Asia Wallace)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - De'Asia Wallace died Sunday, from a single gunshot wound to the chest. She was shot moments after a street brawl between a group of girls in central Toledo.

Emannuel Garner, 16, is being charged with her murder and will soon be housed at the Juvenile detention center.

The victims family is of course heartbroken and they want to see justice served.

"It was just a senseless act, and it didn't make any sense. None what-so-ever," said De'Asia's grandmother, Emily Wallace.

While being confused and upset, Emily just doesn't understand why someone would gundown her 20-year old-granddaughter.

"She was a beautiful, beautiful young lady," explained Emily.

"She would give a stranger the shirt off her back. Because that is just the type of person she was. A real sweetheart," added De'Asia's aunt, Tneshela Peterson.

De'asia was visiting a friend Sunday who lived on Macomber Street in central Toledo where the huge brawl broke out.

The brawl was of young females fighting in the middle of the street for no apparent reason. But moments later, that's when shots were fired and a bullet hit De'Asia in her chest.

She later died after being transported to Toledo ProMedica Hospital.

De'Asia's family claims she had nothing to do with the brawl.

"This is this a terrible case of wrong place, at the wrong time. A terrible case, a terrible case. A terrible case of that," said Emily.

Family members didn't know about her death until they say a video posted to Facebook. They now have images they won't soon be able to erase from their heads.

"Who takes the time to video tape something like that," asked Tneshela.

"It's unreal that they would do a live, and for a family to have to see that. Its heart breaking," said Alethea Braswell, another aunt of De'Asia.

The family wants the teen charged with De'Asia's murder to sit behind bars.

"I would like to see him tried as an adult, because going to jail and getting out when he is 18, that's not gonna do it. What man would come and shoot women? It was a cowardly act," said Emily.

There also was another girl,15, shot in this case. She is expected to be okay.

Garner will face a judge Friday.

There has been a fund set up to help De'Asia's family with funeral expenses.

If you would like to donate, stop by Toledo Urban Federal Credit Union located at 1441 Dorr Street and give to the De'Asia Wallace fund.

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