Trial date set for woman accused of killing infant

Trial date set for woman accused of killing infant

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The woman accused of killing her boyfriend's baby was waved a speedy trial and will remain behind bars after facing a judge Tuesday morning.

Angie Walker will stay in jail until her trial date that has been set for January 29. The motion to wave Walker a speedy trial means her trial date has been scheduled within more than 90 days since her arrest in April.

Walker's family began crying in the courtroom once the motion was moved.

The prosecutor on the case said this is not an uncommon move by the defense in serious cases. Especially one of this nature that involves the death of an infant.

Walker is facing one count of murder and one count of child endangering.

"One for the defendant's rights. She is facing the possibility of life without parole. But also it's important for this child's family as well to have a realistic date that they can hopefully know when this case will hopefully come to an end, at least trial wise," said Jennifer Donovan, with the Lucas County Prosecutor's Office.

Outside of the courtroom, the defense attorney explained to Walker's family why both sides need more time to prepare their cases.

A pretrial date was also set for November 21. Both sides can present any motions to the judge.

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