Toledo community fighting back against violence

Toledo community fighting back against violence

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - After a 20-year-old died and two teens were shot on Sunday, community leaders are coming together to look for change.

They want to see an end to the violence and see more for Toledo's youth.

Police are still investigating the shooting incident that happened on Macomber and Upton last night.

Religious leaders and community members came together Monday in hopes of sparking change in our city in hopes of never mourning the loss of a young life to senseless violence again.

"We came together for our city," prayed Bishop Brehon Hall. "Our city God which is broken, our city which is in mourning, our city, oh God, which is in the midst of terror."

After Deasia Wallace was killed and two other teens were shot, religious leaders, school officials and community members came together to stop the violence. They say the acts were tragic and senseless especially on Facebook.

"I was just sick about it, I'm sick," Toledo resident Brenda McFall said. "I thought it was my responsibility to be here as a mother, a grandmother and as a resident of this city."

Brenda says she came to discuss solutions because she's hopeful a change will come.

Bishop Brehon Hall says a major issue was that this was viewed as entertainment on Facebook. The video was shared like crazy, while one girl was breathing her last breaths.

Bishop Hall says the church and community need to do something.

"What plagues us is that we have no resolve," Bishop Hall said. "So we have meetings like we're going to have tonight, everybody gives great ideas, everybody has a solution, we talk, we rally around it, but then we do nothing. So we pray, but we don't participate."

He asked those in attendance to stop sharing the video. He also believes change starts in the home, with developing our youth into the men and women who make us proud, but knows that won't be easy.

"The reality is if we are going to impact and empower the lives of people we have to be willing to go to where they are and help them do something different," Bishop Hall explained.

While the group of more than 40 did pray and talk about solutions Monday night at the Greater New Psalmist Church, Bishop Hall says they will make those plans action with follow up meetings.

They know we must come together and that's also what police are asking to get more information on this shooting.

If you know anything they ask you call Crimestopper at 419-255-1111.

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