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Clermont Co. student shares alleged bullying story online to raise awareness

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A Clermont County high school student shared an alleged bullying incident on social media because she said she wants to raise awareness and let others know they are not alone.

Zoe Gill has been home-schooled for the past few years and said that she decided to change it up this fall so she could enjoy senior year activities.

She started classes at West Clermont High School a couple of days late because of a relative's passing.

"I was already very fragile," Zoe said.

According to Zoe, on her first day of school, she was sitting at a table in the cafeteria alone when a group of male students approached her, demanded that she leave the table and then called her names and threw food at her when she did not move.

Zoe said she started recording cell phone video of the incident. When she did, she said the students changed their tune.

"I was so upset to the point that I couldn't talk," Zoe said.

Afterward, Zoe said that she told an administrator about what happened. In the days following, she said she was tripped in the hallway, yelled at and once again, became a target for leftover lunch.

"I changed my entire schedule so I could have a different lunch because I didn't even want to look at those boys anymore," Zoe said.

Upset by what happened, Zoe took to social media and called the students "bullies" in a post that got hundreds of shares before it was removed. She said she wanted to help others who may have been in similar situations.

"People don't realize how hurtful words are," Kimberly Gill, Zoe's mother, said. "Being mean to somebody for no reason is bullying to me."

A district spokesperson said that school officials were aware of the situation, and it has been handled.

Zoe and her mother said that they are considering homeschooling again.

"To all the kids that are bullied, I think they need to speak up and say something and be strong,"  Kimberly said.

The district spokesperson said that administrators have talked with all involved parties and closed the investigation on their end because all issues had been resolved.

He added that they took steps to separate the students and always take situations like this one seriously.

There is a link to report bullying on the district's website that sends the information to school officials. It also describes types of harassment, intimidation and bullying.

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