Community leaders react to deadly shooting in central Toledo

Community leaders react to deadly shooting in central Toledo

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Deadly violence in the city of Toledo, is an issue community leaders are trying to tackle head on at the church and in the streets. The hope is to eliminate teen violence, such as the deadly shooting that occurred Sunday afternoon.

A video of that shooting went viral throughout the city. It begins with a mob of young teens fighting in the middle of a street. Throughout the video you can hear the adult voices encouraging the violence.

Moments later, gunfire is heard. And as a result, a 20-year-old was dead and two other teens shot.

Community leaders said the scene of violence recorded has become too familiar around Toledo.

"I think we've lost the value of humanity," said Dr. William James of The Armory Church. "When you value life, you're not going to get involved in those kinds of things."

Just days ago, Dr. James, launched the "Casket Crusade." It's a bold non-traditional method, to stop the violence. Empty caskets marched , around some of the city"s most at risk neighborhoods. Sending a real and strong message, yelling "Don't be silent, stop the violence."

"We need to teach young people that they're here for a purpose. Lets get them focused in on what they're called to do and they won't have time to get involved in things that will mess up their lives before their time. Anytime there's a loss of life, we get affected by it and we need to be concerned," said Williams.

Community leaders plan  to discuss the violence, and other effective ways to end it.

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