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15 Toledoans headed to Puerto Rico to help in any way they can after hurricanes

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As Puerto Rico cleans up from hurricanes Irma and Maria they need all the help they can get, and Toledo is answering the call.

Fifteen Toledoans, many with medical backgrounds, will be heading to the U.S. territory on Thursday and will return the following Wednesday.

Each team member will be transporting 100 pounds of medical supplies.

The town they're going to has food and water shortages, no electricity and many roadways that are still blocked, but they plan to help in any way possible.

"We can do anything and everything. IVs for hydration, minor surgeries, deliveries, we can do wound care, treat diarrhea diseases. A lot of stress occurs after international disasters. Whatever comes across our way, we can take care of,” said Dr. Richard Paat, UT Clinical Professor of Medicine. 

The mission to Puerto Rico will be personal for several members, many of whom have family in the storm-ravaged country.

"We have five members of our team that have Puerto Rican origin. Time of dire need is pretty important," said Dr. Paat.

Dr. Paat held a fundraiser Monday night to help with the relief mission. He recently returned from Houston where he and his team assisted 400 patients after Hurricane Harvey.

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