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The Internet has created dozens of new ways to make money by allowing you to sell your services to those around you.
A prime example of that is pet sitting.

"It was truly a life-saver. I had just lost my yellow lab Chopper, and I felt this incredible void in my life, and I came across Rover and I thought this is ideal. I'll be looking after other people's dogs, said pet sitter Gabriela Vidou.

Gabriela is a professional dog sitter. She's doing something millions of us do every day: enjoying the company of furry friends. But she's also making extra money.
Gabriela's guests find her through the website
Similar sites include, and
They match dogs, sitters and walkers, and take a small cut.
These services are about more than just turning your home into a kennel.
For dog owners, they're a great place to leave a dog that might cost less than a kennel and also might provide a friendlier atmosphere.
For the pet sitter, it's obviously a great way to pick up a little extra scratch and get a fur fix.
That is, if you're the responsible type.

"You have to be very passionate about looking after dogs. It's a serious, serious responsibility. Because people look at their dogs as their babies, said Gabriela.

And speaking of passion, we got an unexpected treat when we met Gabriela.
Turns out she's a local legend. Every day at rush hour, she goes dancing with dogs down a busy street of Plantation, Florida. Doggone cute.
Of course, you don't have to be a dog dancer to be a pet sitter.

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