Convicted killer won't receive lighter sentence but could in 3 1/2 years

Convicted killer won't receive lighter sentence but could in 3 1/2 years

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A mistake found in the paperwork of a three-year-old trial had a convicted killer back in the courtroom on Friday for another sentencing.

Shonta Jones plead guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter after killing his friend, a quarterback for Woodward High School, back in 2014.

There had been hope that the judge would give Jones a lighter sentence, but that didn't happen.

Jones served over 1000 days behind bars after killing his friend and teammate Carter Coley, all over an argument about money.

On Friday a very mature-looking and sounding Shonta Jones, now 20 years-old, appeared in front of the Honorable Stacy Cook.

Originally, Jones' sentencing paperwork read that his entire thirteen-year sentence was mandatory, but on Friday it was corrected to read that only three years were mandatory for committing the murder with a gun.

The mistake was important to clear up, especially for Jones, who is hoping for a judicial release in the coming years.

On Friday, the judge did recognize the good behavior and positive choices Jones has made while in prison, telling him, "you've chosen to live without getting in trouble and I see that."

Jones' family was in the courtroom and was pleased to hear that the judge took notice.

"His spirits are still up and I hope things go the way it should. I feel he don't belong there and could get a judicial release so hopefully he keeps his head up and his spirits up," said Jones' mother Latrease McCreary.

Typically a judicial release can be considered after half of a sentence is served.

For Jones, that would be in about three and a half years.

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