Relief support still need donations after hurricanes

Relief support still need donations after hurricanes

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - With one natural disaster after another, several organizations are looking for donations to help those most impacted by the hurricanes.

So many parts of the world are in need of help, but are those relief sites getting what they need from us locally to help?

Local organizations say people have stepped up big time, but the work is not done.

Precious McCoy Hamilton says she donated water after learning of the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey. She knew after Hurricane Irma, she needed to do more so she's training with the Red Cross to deploy if needed.

"If I was in a similar situation I would want somebody to do whatever they could to come help me," Hamilton said. "I feel like if I give, then I'll get in this lifetime and that was my whole goal just go down there and help."

The Red Cross says their biggest need at this moment is volunteers they are holding special orientations like this one to make sure they can send the help that's needed.

"We're looking at probably doing orientations and training all the way to the middle of October to keep up with the need that is going to be in Texas, in Florida and now the Virgin Islands," said Diane S. Dixon, interim regional volunteer services officer for the Red Cross Ohio Buckeye Region.

If you are interested in volunteering or learning more about what that looks like you can call the local office at 419-329-2900.

Impact with Hope says they too have had a huge response from the community, but donations are still so needed.

To date they have sent out 38,000 ready to serve buckets, 175,000 human meals and 100,500 pet meals, and 20 semi loads of goods nearly 300 tons worth. That's all since Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. They also will send nearly 65,000 meals to Puerto Rico.

"We still need donations," said Karen Smith, event coordinator for Impact with Hope. "We can't send trucks and supplies to people if we don't get the donations, but so far it's been amazing. We are so grateful."

They say Texas now needs building supplies, while Florida and the islands recently hit need cleaning supplies, garbage bags, hygiene products, diapers and more. They also need groups willing to pack their meals.

While there is a lot of need already, they say if another disaster strikes they're prepared to help.

"We will be ready," said Smith. "I mean if people continue to give us donations we will get it shipped out."

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