Different site proposed for new jail

Different site proposed for new jail

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A potential new site for the Lucas County Jail could be the Toledo police impound lot on Dura Avenue.

Lucas County Commissioner Pete Gerken said he met with Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson to present the new proposal.

Commissioner Gerken said the impound lot is an ideal location because it is within city limits.

"It's about our entire revamping of the opioid fight and the criminal justice reform, so this is a big enough site to do that. It's flat, there is no demolishing buildings, it's one owner. So from a purchaser's position, it's very appealing. It's almost ready to go, it's almost what they call 'shovel ready'," said Gerken.

The issue is still currently on the November ballot with no definite site in place.

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