Perrysburg Woman fears for family living in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

Perrysburg Woman fears for family living in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria
(Source: Dinellys Moctezuma)
(Source: Dinellys Moctezuma)

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - Wednesday morning Hurricane Maria ripped through Puerto Rico leaving destruction in her path.

One Perrysburg woman said she was freaking out when she heard the news knowing most of her family was still on the island.

Dinellys Moctezuma was born and raised in Puerto Rico until her dad got a job in Ohio. Her hometown was the first hit by Hurricane Maria's devastating 150 mph winds.

"Until I know they are safe and sound I can't stop worrying," said Moctezuma

Dinellys is clinging tight to her phone in hopes of hearing from her family living in Yabucoa, the town first hit by Maria. She's heard reports 90% of her hometown is destroyed causing real fear and panic.

"I think I fell asleep for about two hours," said Moctezuma."I woke up and I kept checking my phone, that's when I realized like I didn't have any more contact with my family because they stopped messaging around 2:30 in the morning. I woke up around three and I didn't hear anything."

Dinellys last visited her family in June, where she got engaged. A beautiful memory in a place most likely destroyed by Maria's force.

Before her family moved out of Puerto Rico, Dinellys experienced Hurricane George in 1998.

"That one was a category three, this one is a category, it was five or four, but it's still a lot worse," said Moctezuma."So just the memories I have from that and imagining what it's like right now like it makes me, it's worse, a lot worse."

With power almost completely out on the island, Dinellys Moctezuma and her family are praying their loved ones are safe and that the US will help their beloved land.

"What I really hope is for our President, our government here, will help our island out and help the people because they are going to need the help," said Moctezuma.

Dinellys and her fiancé plan to get married in Puerto Rico with her entire family. Hurricane Maria did set them back a bit, but they are hopeful to set a date for some time in 2019.

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