Local crime reporter changes career to local crime fighter

Local crime reporter changes career to local crime fighter

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - From crime reporter to crime fighter.

A Toledo Blade reporter switched careers and now carries a badge and a gun.

But It wasn't until an intense call for help and big arrest that she realized she made the right move.

She followed in the footsteps of many of her family members who were journalists, but after being assigned to the crime beat and responding to calls for stories, she realized she wanted to be on the other end wearing the badge.

As a reporter now, Officer Taylor Dungjen, always had people joke around telling her she should be a police officer, not just cover them.

It was on her 26th birthday when she decided to apply for a job on the force.

"The more encouragement I got the more it sounded like a good idea. And on my birthday, when I asked them and there was no hesitation. I said 'Ok lets do this.'"

Since graduating the academy in May, Officer Dungjen has been on the road with a Field Training Officer.

But it was last Friday when she responded to her biggest call. That's when she was ultimately responsible for arresting an armed man who was charged with attempted murder.

"It was a very intense situation. While I checked the victim, she followed the suspect and she handled herself beautifully," said Officer Dave Bright with Toledo police.

Now more than ever, she knows she made the right move.

"I have no regrets right now. I love what I am doing and it might sound funny because it was scary and an intense moment, but that call, that situation solidified me feeling really good about the life changes I made and the career path i have chosen," explained Dungjen.

Officer Dungjen will complete her training in October and then she'll be certified to be on her own or with a partner.

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