Money Talks News: Paying too much for things

Money Talks News: Paying too much for things
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Money Talks News - Getting married and getting buried are two events that run into the thousands. Anyone that has paid for either, probably acknowledges that they often cost a lot more than they should.

But there are lots of things people buy that are way overpriced. Here are a few of those things along with cheaper alternatives.

First are pets. Why would anyone ever pay $1,000 for a purebred dog when there are dogs that are practically free from the Humane Society, not to mention it'll save a life at the same time.

Next is designer anything. From handbags to sunglasses to clothes. It's easy to pay hundreds of dollars extra for a name. And sure, sometimes the quality is better. But hundreds better? Not often. And speaking of a name, there's makeup. Sometimes better? Maybe. But some make-up artists suggest buying drugstore products for the same effect as a name brand product.

How about razor blades? They're usually priced at $3.50 for a heavily advertised cartridge. However a virtually identical no-name razor can be bought for less than half the price.

Finally, glasses. You can go to a high-end store and pay $500 for frames, or you can go online and pay $50. You can also go to a Warehouse store and pay a lot less. Don't be blind when shopping for glasses.

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