More construction slated for Perrysburg

More construction slated for Perrysburg

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - Drivers who have traveled around Perrysburg the past few construction seasons know, it feels like they just "can't get there from here." Now, some more orange barrels will be popping up.

State Route 199 is currently closed between Eckel Junction and Roachton Roads. The Ohio Department of Transportation is building a roundabout at Carronade. That project is supposed to be done by October 30.

Starting this Friday, September 22, there will be another closure just up the street. This time, the City of Perrysburg will close SR 199 at Eckel Junction to install a traffic light. That closure is expected to last 45 days.

Drivers said while it'll be a pain, a light at the three-way intersection will pay off.

"My wife is gonna love that. Every time we come by 'when are they gonna put that traffic light in?' They need one there. All of a sudden it became a congested area," said driver Earl Danforth.

"Trying to make either a left turn or a right turn, is a nightmare. The traffic builds up so badly," said driver Rita Zepeda.

Drivers give mixed reviews for the roundabout at SR 199 and Carronade.

"Saves time. You don't have to sit and wait for a signal," said Danforth.

"I don't know how much of an advantage that is," added Zepeda.

ODOT is expecting the roundabout to be done at the end of October.

Some may be wondering why the state and city didn't coordinate to do the projects at different times. The city says it tried, but it just didn't work out.

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