Bloomville to open recovery center for heroin addicts Wednesday

Bloomville to open recovery center for heroin addicts Wednesday

SENECA COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - The small Seneca County village of Bloomville has a problem. The current heroin epidemic has caused five overdoses in a year, which is per capita, 80 times higher than the state average.

And with so many people in Ohio needing assistance in their recovery from opiates, some were actually being sent out of state.

That's why smaller recovery centers like the one in The village of Bloomville are being established in more rural areas.

One year ago, two local nursing home directors decided to renovate a former nursing home into a drug rehab center.

With State and local grants, the nearly $500,000 renovation is now complete.

The county mental health and recovery board requested the site, and said the biggest need right now was a facility for woman. Surest Path Recovery Center will assist up to 26 women in the eastern Seneca County village.

Kathy Hurt, the CEO of the center said the need in the community is massive, as many patients are needing to leave the state for treatment. She hopes more people will be willing to seek help now that a multitude of recovery services will be available right down the street.

"It's difficult to get services in a rural community. So, anytime we can offer services locally I think it's good. I think it'll be good especially for families and family counseling as we try to get folks to recover," said Hurt.

Surest Path Recovery Center will open its doors to patients Wednesday.

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