Money Talks News: Car Loans

Money Talks News - Usually, the road to a new or used car starts in a dealer showroom.

But unless the buyer is paying cash, that's not the way to start car shopping. For anyone looking to borrow money, step one isn't to get behind the wheel; It's to sit down at their desk.

The first thing to always do before borrowing money is to review your credit. You can go here and pull a free copy of your credit history, preferably from all three major credit reporting agencies. It's also worth checking your credit score.

If you find mistakes or other ways to improve your credit history, do it. When your credit's as good as it's going to look, then you should start shopping for the best loan.

There are car loan search engines online that will help quickly locate the lowest rate. They are mainly found at a credit union or small, local bank.

Credit unions can often, although not always, beat banks or dealerships.

Once that is done, compare loan length and rates with a free online calculator, like the one from Consumer Reports.

If you're going to  apply in multiple places, try to do it within a two week window, because that often only shows up as one inquiry on your credit report. Having several inquiries, can lower your credit score.

And finally read the final print and make sure you understand all the terms.

Buying a car is a two-part process: Finding financing, then cruising for cars. Be thorough with both. For more information on loan search engines go to the Money Talks News website and search for "Car Loans."

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