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Rock thrown into car window, shatters glass near exit 202 on I-75 SB

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It was a late night trip home through downtown Toledo for Melissa Porter and her family after rooting on the UT Rockets. That is when everything changed.

"At first we thought we were shot at because we didn't know what happened we just heard a loud bang noise,” explained Porter.

It wasn’t a bullet, but a rock or piece of concrete shattered the passenger window where Melissa sat.

"My first instinct was to look back at my daughter to make sure she was okay and she said 'mommy your face is all bloody.'  I looked in the mirror and saw I was covered in glass and rocks,” explained Porter. 

The incident happened near exit 202 on I-75 Southbound.  An overpass project is underway and below it is a lot of concrete and debris. Porter believes kids were sitting on an embankment throwing the pieces of concrete at cars passing by.

And Melissa said it wasn't just her car targeted, she knows it happened to at least one other person.

For now Toledo Police say what happened Saturday night was an isolated incident, but it is one officers aren’t blind to.

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