Family of Fremont teen killed by 14-year-old boy calls for gun safety

Family of Fremont teen killed by 14-year-old boy calls for gun safety

FREMONT, OH (WTOL) - One teen is dead. Another is in jail facing charges that include involuntary manslaughter.

The tragedy sparked a message of gun safety for teens.

A Fremont high school student, who wanted to remain anonymous, took a screen shot of a post to Snapchat Sunday afternoon showing what the student says is the shooting suspect pointing a gun at his own nose, with the victim, Jaylen Brock, sitting just behind him.

Counselors say this depicts the sad truth that teens feel invincible.

"He fell behind the shed, bleeding, gasping for air because his friend decided he wanted to play with a gun," explained Jaylen's mother Tania Darby. "And Jaylen just so happened to be the one to get shot and he didn't make it."

Counselors say this story and the picture raises concerns for them.

"Unfortunately, teens playing with a gun like that, with a slow prefrontal cortex development, the ability to logic and reason as quickly as an adult, their behavior can come more quickly than the decision making that would be smart and keep them safe," said Erin Wiley, executive director for The Willow Center.

Counselors at the Willow Center say some teens can become desensitized by guns. It is because of that, parents need to talk to their children about gun safety, how to react and report incidents they see whether on social media or in person.

"In a society today that guns are so prevalent, we really have to be layering kids from the time they are really little that guns in the wrong hands, which is anyone who's not had a gun safety class, are extremely dangerous," said Wiley.

Police say it's a critical issue they are serious about.

That's why Toledo Police start talking gun safety at a young age in Safe-T City. They offer free gun locks at their central desk and Scott Park office as well as equip their community service officers with free gun locks.

Police encourage families to talk about gun safety open and honestly. They also ask if you see anything suspicious, you report it so they can keep families safe into the future.

There is a relief fun at the Fremont Croghan Colonial Bank branch to raise funds for Jaylen Brock's family.

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