UT partners with TPS for car cyber security program

UT partners with TPS for car cyber security program

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Smart cars and cyber security are two hot topics right now. On Monday, the University of Toledo announced an almost $2 million grant to combine the two and teach TPS students.

The hope is that by the time current TPS students step foot on a college campus like UT, they'll already have hacking and smart cars figured out.

The $2 million grant will provide resources and information for 2,000 high school students about the new technology.

"Especially young people, they like to work with work they can see and what is exciting, so could you imagine just having smart vehicles, and they can in fact program the smart vehicles with our help and then let the vehicle run along with cars," said Dr. Jared Oluoch, a UT professor and principal investigator.

Bowsher High School is the pilot school, but the program hopes  to expand. And not just to the other five TPS high schools, but across the country.

"We are in need of cyber security experts, we are in need of computer programmers, we are in need of mathematicians, I think this project is going to play a small part in developing a work force in the United States of America," said Oluoch.

The smart vehicles will be about the size of an iPhone. After programming the robots, teachers will instruct students how to hack other smart vehicles.

"This vehicle sends signals to other vehicles within the communication range," said Oluoch.

And then, ultimately prevent the hack and hopefully fueling an interest in science and engineering, as well as learning technology of the future.

"If students actually do what they see, something that they like, something that they love, then you can encourage them to like computers, you can encourage them to like science," added Oluoch.

UT professors are currently working with TPS leaders for the format of the curriculum. Then, they will train teachers, and hopefully have the program ready for students next fall.

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