Sandusky River level drop drastically in Sandusky County

Sandusky River level drop drastically in Sandusky County

FREMONT, OH (WTOL) - Some big scenic changes happened over the weekend for Sandusky County, especially for people living near the Sandusky River.

The notching of the Ballville Dam is being completed Monday, which has already begun to completely change the way the Sandusky river flows through the city of Fremont.

The notch, an over 10-foot-tall cut into the dam structure, has been spilling water nonstop since Wednesday.

And upriver of the dam, there has been a drastic d rop in water level, as the Sandusky river is returning to it's natural course of action.

Yards of new riverbank are now exposed to open air and dozens of old pieces of junk have also resurfaced.

The notching was performed at the rivers low season to allow the river the most buffer to slowly equalize, but Mayor Sanchez said this current water level isn't expected to be permanent, and said the river should rise a bit before settling.

"So we expect the water to rise, not significantly, but as the year goes on. When it rains the water levels will increase and typically it should be down right around where the Tindall bridge is at," said Sanchez

The city will begin seeding the newly exposed area with grass.

The full deconstruction of the dam will begin next August during the low laying period of 2018.

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