State lawmaker looking to revamp school report card system

State lawmaker looking to revamp school report card system

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Last week, Ohio released report cards for districts across the state. Many schools in the area didn't fair so well, but now a lawmaker in Columbus said he'll introduce legislation to revamp the system.

"Bogus" is the term Representative Mike Duffey used to describe the state's current report card system during a news conference last week. The Republican from Worthington followed it up by saying it needs to be thrown out and lawmakers need to start over. He expects to introduce a bill soon.

"I love to hear that talk. I hope it's just not rhetoric," said the President of the Toledo Federation of Teachers, Kevin Dalton.

Dalton said the current system demoralizes teachers and students.

"Our priority is the whole child. Not just a snapshot in time of what they might have learned or what they might have been able to accomplish on one assessment," Dalton said.

The Toledo Federation of Teachers said it hopes if lawmakers act, teachers will have a seat at the table in revamping the system.

While a bill is yet to be introduced, Democrat Michael Sheehy and Republican Theresa Gavarone both said the system isn't an accurate reflection of Ohio schools.

Their home towns, Oregon and Bowling Green, respectively, both got a "D" grade for achievement.

"I got to tell you, I sent all three of my kids to public schools," said Rep. Gavarone. "They were extremely prepared for college and they went to Bowling Green."

The lawmakers said they're interested to hear what Representative Duffey comes up with.

"I'm more interested in tracking those students and seeing how they're doing when they come out of the school system," said Rep. Sheehy.

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