Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson: September 17, 2017

First, the Toledo Primary.  About 25,000 voters spoke last Tuesday and narrowed down the Toledo mayoral field to two and the city council-at-large field to 12.

Jerry talks to Michael Beazley, veteran political observer, about the Toledo primary results.

Controversial conservative Steve Bannon of Breitbart news and recently of the Trump White House and Trump campaign has given us an extensive look inside the campaign that stunned observers and elected a political novice.

Bannon opposes free trade, supports economic nationalism, says trade pacts have shipped American jobs out of the country.  He says it was those issues including illegal immigration, which he also says took American jobs, that paved the way for Donald Trump's victory.  And Bannon says, Trump's opponents never got it. Well, there were some. Sherrod Brown for one.  Jerry asks for Brown's reaction to Bannon's recent comments.

Fall's approaching and it's a great time to be outside, especially in Ohio's State parks. People generally plan a fall vacation just to hop-scotch several state parks but some would be surprised to know just how many state parks we have in Ohio.

Someone who does know is Mike Baile, Chief of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Divsion of Parks and Watercraft.

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