NWF makes suggestions toward Lake Erie algal bloom

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Environmentalists from across the state continue to watch the algal bloom on Lake Erie.

The National Wildlife Federation went to the Maumee Bay State Park on Friday for a seminar on Toledo's water quality.

Participants went out on Lake Erie to get a front row seat to the algal bloom.

The manager of the wildlife federation, Frank Szollosi said it's important for people to see the algal bloom up close. Szollosi added that those on the federal level need to step in and help save.

"Folks need to see what's at stake, needs to see the resource at stake and we need to communicate with the Trump Administration. We need to communicate with congress to save Lake Erie and we can't let budget cuts or federal plans to save the lake be weak," said Szollosi.

He also believes there is a need to create a pollution standard that will drive innovation toward decreasing pollution.

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