Dept. of Education releases state report cards

Dept. of Education releases state report cards

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The Ohio Department of Education released state report cards during the last school year for every school and school district in Ohio Thursday morning.

Toledo's report card grades line up with other urban school districts in Ohio.

Superintendent Dr. Romulus Durant says comparing TPS to cities like Columbus, Canton and Dayton will help to give parents a better idea of how the district is doing.

He says urban districts face challenges such as poverty that hurt the district's overall grade.

"Take a look at kindergarteners at TPS," Dr. Durant said. "Eighty percent of them need intervention, 60 percent of them 80 need intensive intervention. So it's a reflection of the community we live in. So our emphasis is early education not only in the school but in the home."

And that work was reflected in TPS's report card grade in K-3 literacy going from a F last year to an D this year. But TPS's other grades from the state for the other categories like graduation rate, progress and achievement remained the same because they did not hit the benchmark numbers set by the state.

"Even though our grades are not where we want them, to me we are showing progress," said Jim Gault of TPS Curriculum and Instruction. "I don't think it tells the whole story or defines the progress being made."

The district has solid numbers that show more students are graduating and getting better test scores, even though the state's report did not show that.

"We had to generate a report to say, 'You know what parents, community members here is what the state says, which is an unfair assessment. Lets talk about really what happened in the intricacies of the district in growth in graduation growth in the content areas."

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