Jeep workers volunteer during plant shutdown

Jeep workers volunteer during plant shutdown

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo Jeep workers have started doing volunteer work this week across the community while their plant is shut down and being retooled for the next generation of the Jeep Wrangler.

It's a program called 'Season of Service.' One group benefiting is at east Toledo's Helping Hands of St. Louis, which provides 300 meals a day to folks who live in the neighborhood  In addition, the organization packs and distributes 250 bags of groceries every month.

The workers are pitching in and building a shed for the organization.

"We're going to be out  here for a day and then going to rotate people in and out for the next six weeks," worker Wyiatt Kosier said.

The workers are also helping to winterize a garden. Other projects are scheduled in the coming days.

"It helps because it would wear us out if we had to do it ourselves. Many hands make light work. The work that they've done has been tremendous," explained Sue Shrewbery of Helping Hands of St. Louis.

"I was amazed at how much they do here and how much they give to the community and how much the community comes here and utilize the services they provide," worker Tina Tagle said.

Jeep workers are also pitching in at places like Camp Miakonda and the Metroparks.

"Oh of course I feel wonderful knowing that I'm helping people and giving back to the community that supported us all the way through when they were looking at possibly moving the Wrangler," worker Amy Martero explained.

Until these community minded Jeep workers return to the assembly line, they say they will continue to give their time for a "Season of Service."

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