Meeting on taxes, school funding held in Sylvania

Meeting on taxes, school funding held in Sylvania

SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - Public education is a hot topic Thursday, with the state school report card results being released.

Northwest Ohio Friends of Public Education hosted a meeting in Sylvania to discuss how schools are funded in Ohio. School leaders from multiple local districts were present, including superintendents and school board members.

The program, titled "School Finance: Where Are Your Taxes Going?"was held at Southview High School Library.

Topics of the night will included the cost to Ohio taxpayers for charter and private school vouchers as well as information about Ohio's school funding formula, which has been ruled unconstitutional four times.

Perhaps the theme of the event was school funding is broken and needed to be fixed.

"They're being taxed on their homes at a higher and higher rate. At some point, they're concerned that they can no long afford the way they'd like to," said Dan Greenburg of the Northwest Ohio Friends of Public Education.

Taxpayer Ken Switzer says he is frustrated by the burden on him and other tax payers. He believes those problems are rooted not just in local districts, but at the state level.

"There's a significant problem at the state level. The formula has been declared unconstitutional four times by the state Supreme Court," Switzer said. "

Steven Dyer, head of Innovate Ohio's Education Police, believes the state should help fund local districts more.

"According to the constitution, it's the state's responsibility so the state has to pick up a bigger share," Dyer explained.

Adam Fineske, superintendent of Sylvania Schools, agrees saying more funding from the state could help tax payers and local districts.

"We do what we have to do to get the job done," Fineske said. "But it's tough to make ends meet sometimes."

Many at the meeting also voiced frustration towards charter school vouchers saying they are stealing money from public schools.

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