Bowling Green sends utility workers to Florida

Bowling Green sends utility workers to Florida

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - More than six million Floridians were without power in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

"I know what it's like to not have power for a short amount of time but for weeks and weeks on end, I can't imagine," said Amber Haas.

A call for help came from all around the country, including in northwest Ohio.

After getting the call from the American Public Power Association, Bowling Green utility workers Trent Tyson, Randy McBride and Tim Brubaker stepped up to answer the call. Soon, they will head south to Ocala, FL.

"They take great exception to when the power is not on, and they almost take it personally," Brian O'Connell of Bowling Green Public Utilities said. "It's just a mindset that they have. So when they see somebody without power, their whole focus is on, 'Let's get the power back on as soon as possible.'"

This is not just about power lines, to get to many of these downed lines. The trio are also cleaning up debris.

They do not hear much back from the three men in Bowling Green, many cell towers are down where they are working and their days are long.

"Millions of people out of power, you need bodies there that can put the stuff back up and know how to do this in a proper way," O'Connell explained.

Bowling Green's department is small, less than 15 linemen are on staff. But they are happy to be a part of something bigger.

"When you see the pictures of just line truck after line truck and bucket trucks and mass trains of these things just rolling down the highway to get to Florida," O'Connell said. "I mean it is an impressive sight."

These men are expected to stay in Florida for 10 days, and then they could possibly send another crew if needed.

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