Your Weekly Moment of Inspiration -- Week of July 18

What is Grace?  Who is Grace?

If I were to put a face on Grace, she would have blue eyes, brown eyes, hazel eyes or any of the other magnificent color of eyes that God has designed. His hair would be black, brown, blond, red or sandy in color and her skin color would be golden, deep black, pure white, or any of the multitudes of shade in between.

Grace would most likely look like you for you see, Grace shows up by the spirit of God in the faces of all who walk through the doors of a church.

Grace is God's smile that lights up the room. It is God's hand that reaches out to grasp another's hand. It is God's tears that flow when the pain of one is shared with another. It is the supporting arms of God that envelops those who are in need.

It is "the Word made flesh" that comes to live in you and me and those who gather in the spirit of Christ.

Join us for the next few Sundays as we find out who Grace is.

Rev. Bob Ball is the Senior Pastor of Epworth United Methodist Church in Toledo.  Epworth is an exciting, growing, and dynamic church with a heart for missions and a passion to grow in its faith in Christ and service to the world. If you are looking for a church where people are friendly and welcoming, we invite you to try Epworth.

Epworth offers three Sunday morning services: at 8:30 a.m., our blended worship service brings together a traditional worship style and a contemporary flair. Our traditional worship service begins at 9:45 a.m., followed by the contemporary worship service at 11.  We are located at the corner of Valleyview and Central Avenue in Toledo, across from Wildwood Metropark.

Epworth United Methodist Church
3077 Valleyview Drive
Toledo, OH 43615-2237
Telephone : 419-531-4236
FAX : 419-531-7487

Corner of Valleyview and Central Ave, across from Wildwood Metropark