Elder Beerman annual sale helps local people get jobs

Elder Beerman annual sale helps local people get jobs

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It's one of Goodwill's biggest fundraising events of the year and a win-win for shoppers and the community,

The manager of Elder Beerman said shoppers look forward to it every year. It's the big Goodwill Donation event at Elder Beerman nationwide.

It's a sale Elder Beerman stores have been doing for 23 years. Not just any sale, but one that generates funds to support the efforts of Goodwill to help those looking for employment in Toledo.

"What we do is we provide job training and job placement opportunities for people with disabilities or other barriers to unemployment," said Chief Mission Officer of Goodwill David Takats. "So people that have difficulty getting employment we help them out by either getting them a job or helping them train to find a job."

The 30 percent off coupon for donation items generated roughly 600,000 hours of job placement training at Goodwill stores nationwide in 2016. Takats said it is also a chance to get out in the community each year.

"It also helps us get a great deal of awareness into the community," said Takats. "So community members are able to come by, d rop off items, get a great deal but they also get an introduction into Goodwill."

From Wednesday through the end of September, you can donate clothes and also cash.

"Any donation is appreciated. If you don't have a donation we can help you there too," said Randy Rowles, store manager at the Secor Street Elder Beerman. "We have coupons for one dollar. That dollar goes 100 percent to the Goodwill. That coupon gets you the same discounts as a donated coupon."

For the first six days of this sale, if you d rop off one donation item you'll get three Goodwill Coupons that you can use up until September 30.

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