Olmstead to face former councilman Mackin in Perrysburg mayoral race

Olmstead to face former councilman Mackin in Perrysburg mayoral race

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - One of the more intriguing political races in northwest Ohio is the Perrysburg mayoral race between incumbent mayor Mike Olmstead and former long time city councilman Tom Mackin.

The numbers are compelling, as mayoral candidate Tom Mackin received 63 percent (1,429) of the primary vote, while the incumbent mayor received 24 percent (542).

Current Perrysburg Mayor Mike Olmstead was out of town Wednesday, attending a regional water meeting. In a phone interview, Olmstead says that his campaign will not be shifting their strategy after coming in a distant second in the primary.

He feels his campaign promise of running an administration that is "Getting Things Done." will resonate with November voters.

"We have a great track record over the last few years of accomplishing actual, tangible goals," Olmstead said. "Things that have talked about for decades in some cases. And we've actually gotten to a point now where we've talked, and now it's time to act."

Olmstead used recent developments like adding a second fire station, establishing the new Riverside Park and speeding up the construction timeline for the US-25 diverging diamond overpass.

"Too many times politicians love to talk about what they're going to do, and then they want to talk and talk and talk and they don't do anything,"Olmstead said. "And that's just not the way we are."

Candidate Tom Mackin says he is humbled at the voter turnout, but will continue his focused campaign.

Mackin says his administration will listen to what the community wants first before making major future decisions.

"Leadership does make decisions, and make sure that there are plans in place, and facilitates what the community wants," Mackin said. "But it isn't just going out and doing what the administration wants or what the government wants. Perrysburg residents care about the community."

Neither candidate was worried about the low voter turnout for the primary because the Perrysburg mayoral primary race was the only issue on the primary ballot.

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