Penta students working to building cabin on Maumee River island

Penta students working to building cabin on Maumee River island

WATERVILLE, OH (WTOL) - It's an unusual job site for some Penta construction students, but certainly a memorable experience. Each afternoon, the students trudge through a shallow section of the Maumee River in Waterville to Granger Island.

"They're building two tent platforms that consist of three different levels and we're gonna do a rustic cabin that's about 36 by 16," construction remodeling instructor Jason Vida said.

The students' work will essentially be a place for canoeists and kayakers to camp. The project goes along with the development of what will soon be the newest state water trail along the Maumee River.

"Canoeists, kayakers will be able to go to a website or be able to pick up one of our maps and know where are the put-in and take-out points are on the entire stretch and have some assurances of quality facilities," Metroparks spokesperson Scott Carpenter said.

The Metroparks system and Penta say having the students work on this project is really a win-win situation for everyone involved.

"It's good for the students, good for us, good for the taxpayer," Carpenter said.

Penta instructors say this hands-on experience for the students is crucial and the students have to work fast. Using generators, they only have about an hour and a half to work every day.

"Gotta keep working hard. Gotta focus on getting the job done and work fast," student Devondre Prince said.

When it's all done, the students look forward to enjoying their handy work along with other folks enjoying the Maumee River.

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