Money Talks News: Avoiding money troubles in college

Money Talks News - For grown adults in the workforce, keeping track of your finances is hard enough.

But young adults in college, the process is much harder.

One of the most common problems among college students is getting into money trouble. That's why it's important to learn the basics of financial management.

First, students need to learn to avoid running out of money by tracking expenses. There are several free apps that can help make that simple.

Second, students need to pick the right bank to hold their money. The bank needs to have locations both at home and at school. Students should also consider credit unions, since they are usually cheaper.

Third, students should avoid compiling debt. Students should not be taking more loans than necessary or running up credit cards. The last thing a student needs is bad credit and big balances.

Fourth, if money is tight, students should get a part-time job. Not only can they make money, but they will spend less with less time to kill.

Fifth, students should open an emergency fund. When things go wrong on campus, a cash cushion may separate them from debt.

Finally, avoid the dumb things. Students should not try to keep up with their friends by compiling credit and spending money they do not have.

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