TFD Harvey crews return home with life-lasting memories

TFD Harvey crews return home with life-lasting memories

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A crew of Toledo fire fighters who helped out in Texas after Hurricane Harvey are back.

According to Deputy Chief Kaminski, while he was in Texas, the biggest eye opener for him was realizing the power of water and how forceful it is when He said he realized how destructive it can be when he saw semis stacked on top of each other and families' homes being swept away or filled with several feet of water.

The crew from TFD relieved first responders from Orange, Texas who were working since the storms, and allowed them to go home to their families as they began cleaning up.

Members of TFD teamed up with firefighters from other states to conduct house checks. They made sure neighbors who stayed, were still alive and that they had enough supplies to get by.

One day, after searching a neighborhood and not eating for over 10 hours, the firefighters heard about a church serving meals to first responders.

Chief Kaminski said what happened when they arrived, will stay with them forever.

"These people that were serving the food said 'where were you working today,' and we told them and it was their neighborhood. So these people instead of going in their neighborhood and trying to save what was left of their homes, they were there handing out commodities and resources to other people. Their neighbors, their friends.  So it is that faith it's inspiring. They lost everything and they were willing to give us something," said Chief Kaminski.

And something else that is interesting;  when the team from TFD came home, Chief Santiago was contacted to possibly send them to Florida to help with Irma.  But for now are they are on stand by  and could be deployed to assist if Hurricane Jose hits the States.

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