Mayor Hicks-Hudson, Kapszukiewicz advance to general election

Mayor Hicks-Hudson, Kapszukiewicz advance to general election

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo Mayor Paula Hicks-Hudson and Lucas County Treasurer Wade Kapszukiewicz will advance to November's general election following Tuesday primary election.

"We've taken care of a number of problems past administrations have not had, the wherewithal to deal with," Mayor Hicks-Hudson said. "So we're just going to keep telling that story."

"We have eight weeks to sprint to the finish line," Kapszukiewicz said. "All the work we've done to this moment ends tonight, and then tomorrow a brand new election starts. And it's only 8 weeks long, and it will be very compressed and intense. But that will also be wonderful."

As a result of Tuesday's primary results, Opal Covey and City Councilman Tom Waniewski are eliminated from contention.

Waniewski thanked his campaign workers and said they helped him come within reach of the general election.

"We had a lot of hard workers involved in the campaign," Waniewski said.

Meanwhile, Thomas Names was eliminated for one of the at-large seats up for grabs on the Toledo City Council.

Incumbents Sandy Spang, Larry Sykes, Cecelia Adams and Rob Ludeman all received more than 10 percent of the votes Tuesday night.

Incumbent Kurt Young scored only 6.5 percent of the votes, finishing in ninth place behind Gary Johnson, Nick Komives, Harvey Savage Jr., and Sam Meldon. Behind Young were Alfonso Narvaez, Clyde Phillips Jr. and Patricia Robinson.

For the first time, the primary election for the City of Toledo was paperless, which made the voting process easy and quick.

"The last primary we had, we had people all the way outside. They had to wait sometimes up to a half an hour to 45 minutes before they could be seen. This like I said is a very easy process," said Maria Salazar, a 30-year voting volunteer.

What made the process so easy for voters is their license.

All voters had to do was show their driver's license with their current address. The license got scanned and was verified with a matching signature. After that, they were given a voting card and turned in their ballot.

One voter said this new process may bring people to the poles who used to avoid them due to the history of long lines.

"There was no additional line. You just went right in, right up to the table. Registered and then voted. There was no additional line to worry about," said voter Lenny Baker.

But even if a voter didn't have their license, they could still could be looked up through a tablet.

Volunteers said this election process was 10 times easier than before because voters didn't have to know their precinct.

And because everything was digital this year, the results were counted before 11:30 p.m.

Meanwhile in the primary for Perrysburg mayor, Thomas Mackin advanced to the general election, eliminating Jonathan Orser.

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