Toledo Area Humane Society take in more than 70 animals from Florida

Toledo Area Humane Society take in more than 70 animals from Florida

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - In the wake of Hurricane Irma's destruction, animals living in Florida also needed to be saved.

However Florida Humanities needed to make room for lost animals from the flooding so the Toledo Area Humane Society took in more than 70 animals that came from Ft. Lauderdale and Bradenton Florida.

"On Sunday we took in 34 dogs, and 20 plus cats and kittens. On Friday night we took in 12 dogs, and they're all available for adoption," said Stephen Heaven, the President of the Toledo Area Humane Society.

Those animals are being adopted fast, as well as being put on a pre-adoption hold.

"Just by people opening their homes, and hearts to the animals and getting them out of the shelters as fast as possible, is a wonderful opportunity to help out. What might be considered a small way but it's really not to these animals," said Abbey Hall, the Marketing and Event Coordinator.

Linda Lewis stopped in the Humane Society to donate food and blankets.  But as she walked around she saw a small dog who was shivering in the corner.

She drove almost all the way home when she turned around and knew she had to have the dog.

"They need homes. They've been through a lot. The owners had to desert them, by no fault of their own probably. It's just the right thing to do and I love dogs," said Lewis.

The Humane Society is encouraging people to come see their new animals, and if you don't want to adopt one..they are always looking for donations.

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