Local officials frustrated with Lake Erie algae

Local officials frustrated with Lake Erie algae

OREGON, OH (WTOL) - A warning telling visitors the toxic algae level is too high for swimming is becoming an all too common sight at Maumee Bay State Park.

The threshold for safe swimming is a microcystin level of 20 parts per billion. But recently the levels here measured at 250 parts per billion.

Meaning no chances for a last minute swim here during our expected nice weather weekend.

Lake Erie Waterkeeper Sandy Bihn says local organizations are beginning to get frustrated in the lack of progress being made towards lower the algae blooms in the Lake.

And she says it is started to take a visible toll on visitors here.

"I can imagine that eventually this is going to get to all of the ecosystem in the lake," Bihn said. "The lake has been quiet when it's calm, normally there are wave runners and boaters and people out here, but on Labor Day weekend it was dead silent. It was really sad."

And local residents had a chance to speak their mind about the microcystin levels in Lake Erie, at an Ohio EPA event Tuesday night at the Lake Erie Center on Bayshore Road.

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