Tiger Ridge Farm owners concerned about cats in Florida

Tiger Ridge Farm owners concerned about cats in Florida

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Three cats from Tiger Ridge Farm were sent to Florida while they await the Ohio Department of Agriculture decision on if the farm can get them back.

Due to the Hurricane headed toward their new location, the owners of these animals wanted to know their condition.

They called the ODA, and were told they would call back in an hour but, they didn't hear anything for another 24 hours.

"All I wanted to know was if they were okay or not. We didn't have to have a conversation, we didn't have to get into it. We just wanted to know if the cats were okay and they said they would call me back in an hour. At the very least we should know if they're okay or not. I don't think that's asking too much since we do have a three and a half year court battle going on," said Corrina Hetrick, daughter of Kenny Hetrick.

The Hetricks said they did receive an email Tuesday saying their cats are fine.

As for the court case, they are hopeful the judges will decide in their favor but if they don't, they are prepared to take it to the Ohio Supreme court.

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