Diverging Diamond opens in Perrysburg

Diverging Diamond opens in Perrysburg

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - Drivers got their first experience of the Diverging Diamond Interchange at State Route 25 and Interstate 475 Monday morning.

It opened for the first time Monday, but it is not fully complete. The northbound exit off of I-475 to SR25 will be closed for about five weeks to finish up the ramp there.

This crossing patterning and the continuous left turn, like entering I-475 South from SR 25, are what make this interchange unique.

For example, to head south on SR 25, drivers have to cross from the right lanes to the left lanes.

ODOT officials said this will eliminate dangerous left hand turns and potential points of contact for accidents.

Matt Darha is a commuter who lives in downtown Toledo and drives to the Levis Commons area for work took his first pass at the interchange Monday morning.

"Honestly it started two lights back and see you see the break lights ahead of you, of the cars in front of you," Darha said. "So at that point, you kind of know that maybe it's going to be a little bit different this morning. Then like I said from there, just following everyone through bumper to bumper. Not terrible, but definitely a little bit longer."

Darha said it's a necessary inconvenience in order to keep up with the growth happening in Perrysburg.

Another big component to the new interchange is the pedestrian accessibility, which will allow walkers and bicyclists to safely cross over the bridge.

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