Sylvania family weathers Irma in Orlando

Sylvania family weathers Irma in Orlando

ORLANDO, FL (WTOL) - It was planned to be a worry-free trip to the "Happiest Place on Earth." But what began as a dream vacation to Disney World turned into nightmare.

A Sylvania family already spent a few days in Orlando before realizing their return flight Sunday afternoon was not going to happen. Instead, the family was stuck riding out Hurricane Irma in a hotel.

"It was definitely, by far, way more intense than anything I've ever seen in my entire life. It was crazy," Allyson France said.

The France's were confined to their hotel room as fierce winds and driving rain pounded the resort overnight.

"Our hotel room door, it was bolted, and it was still just shaking and vibrating," Allyson remembered.

As the worst was over and the sun came up, a peek outside the family's hotel room quickly showed what Irma left behind.

"There are trees down all over the place. The exit lights on the hotel corridors, they're hanging by threads," Allyson described.

The France's are happy to have safely made it through the storm and are keeping their fingers crossed their return flight home Tuesday.

"Put that in my book and say I survived," Allyson said. "But yeah, I would do without that again."

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