'Souls to the polls' aims to get out the black vote ahead of Tuesday's primary

'Souls to the polls' aims to get out the black vote ahead of Tuesday's primary

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It's an effort to get people down to the Lucas County Early Voting Center called 'Souls to the Polls.'

The event was organized on Sunday by central Toledo churches aimed at getting out the black vote.

It looked like a big party.

There was a DJ spinning tunes, burgers and dogs were served and politicians and their supporters mingled with voters.

'Souls to the Polls' is traditionally held the Sunday before an election or primary.

"Your local races are as important as your presidential election. So we're trying to continue that excitement about getting people to the polls" according to Deborah Barnett of 'Souls to the Polls.'

There was a steady stream of voters entering the center from the time it opened.

There's interest in Toledo's mayoral and city council races.

"Because I like to know my vote is going to get counted and I might be busy Tuesday," said Loretta Taylor.

The Lucas County Board of Elections says there have been just over 1700 early votes cast leading up to the Tuesday primary.

That's more than in 2015.

"Well I think all of the candidates have campaigned hard and heavy and there's interest this time" says Theresa Gabriel of the board.

The Early Voting Center will be open Monday from 8 a.m. - 2 p.m.

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