Leading Edge with Jerry Anderson: September 10, 2017

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - In just two days, Toledoans will vote in the city's primary election. Some, of course, already have during the early voting period. And when the dust settles on election night, the field of candidates for mayor of Toledo will be whittled to two.

Party affiliation doesn't matter, it's simply the two highest vote-getters. The three candidates who have been proven and successful vote-getters join Jerry for discussion.

The first up is Wade Kapszukiewicz.  He is the treasurer of Lucas County, first elected to that post in 2004. Prior to that, Mr. Kapszukiewicz served nearly seven years on Toledo city council.

He had made up his mind to run for mayor even before the $8.2 million gaffe at City Hall became known. That issue has been manna from heaven for him, but if it hadn't happened Jerry asks what was his issue?

Tom Waniewski has been counting down the days for Toledo's mayoral election since first being elected to city council in 2007.  He's been re-elected twice and now seeks to be Toledo's next mayor.

Jerry wants to know why does Waniewski want to replace the mayor when things seem to be going so well in Toledo, that is unless, he believe they're not.

And finally, the person who currently holds the office joins Jerry on Leading Edge.

Paula Hicks-Hudson was first appointed, then elected to represent city council district 4.

Her council colleagues elected her president of city council. As such, she ascended to the mayor's office upon the death of Mayor Mike Collins and has earned the position in her own right at the ballot box, out-polling people like Mike Bell and Carty Finkbeiner.

Jerry asks the mayor how she takes credit for what's happening in the city when the vast majority of coming from the private sector?

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