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Man tries to carjack salesman during test drive

Police say the suspect attempted to steal a car while on a test drive. (Source: KGPE via CBS) Police say the suspect attempted to steal a car while on a test drive. (Source: KGPE via CBS)

FRESNO, CA (KGPE/CBS) - A test drive at a Fresno dealership turned into a carjacking and ended in a standoff with police.

Police said the test drive started at the Michael's Cadillac dealership on Bullard and Blackstone.

They said the suspect is an African American man in his 40s.

He presented a Nevada ID and drove off the lot with the salesperson.

The test drive from Michael Cadillacs came to a stop when the driver pulled over and hijacked the car.

"Told the salesman 'this vehicle is mine' and the salesman is like 'what are you talking about.' 'Yeah I'm taking this car,' he lifted his shirt, had a gun in his waistband. Salesman smartly got out of the vehicle. Called the police," Lt. Joe Gomes said.

Police, guns drawn, pounced on the suspect with stolen black escalade in the driveway at a home near Lotus and Reverend Chester Riggins Avenue.

"The vehicle has technology that allowed us to track it," Gomez said.

Police arrested the suspect, and the salesperson was unharmed.

The drive took a scary turn, but it's a risk salespeople said they take all the time.

"It's a risk we're willing to take," said Jessica Caitlin, a salesperson with Fresno Chrysler. "It's something that's a reality, it can happen to anybody."

She's all too familiar with the risk, taking total strangers on rides at least 10 times a day.

Caitlin said the safety is in the protocol. The salesperson scans the car and driver's license into the system before handing over the keys and always sits in the back seat.

"If I have to, I just hold down this button and just call 911," Caitlin said.

Caitlin said the carjacking suspect asked to take an alternate route, which is a red flag. Another red flag was when the suspect asked for the most expensive car.

"We'll actually run their credit before they test it to make sure they're a serious buyer," Caitlin said.

Despite the safety nets, and her confidence, Caitlin admits it could have easily been her in the escalade.

"It's a little extra scary for me I would say. So yeah, it's kind of terrifying," she said.

Police have not released the suspect's identity.

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