Business owners get ready for weekend bridge closure on State Route 25

Business owners get ready for weekend bridge closure on State Route 25

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - The diverging diamond project in Perrysburg is moving right along and will be completed before too much longer.

But before that can happen, the final stages in the process will bring a major headache to long-suffering drivers starting on Friday at 9 p.m.

The State Route 25 bridge over Interstate 475 will be closed for the weekend.

That means Perrysburg businesses will essentially be divided into North and South.

The weekend closure will allow construction crews to finish the crossing pattern of the Diverging Diamond Interchange in Perrysburg.

Local business owners at Levis Commons have been putting up with this construction for months now.

But many said this closure will have the biggest impact on their weekend sales.

"We're hoping that with us keeping everybody informed and letting them know that they'll still come out and support everybody out here at the mall,"
said Jessica Necessary, director of operations at Blue Pacific Grill. "All of us are still here. It's easy to get to still. It just takes a little bit longer."

Necessary said it's not just her customers she's concerned about.

"When they get to work today they'll be fine. The bridge will still be open," said Necessary. "But when they leave, the bridge will be closed. So just kind of showing them different alternate routes. We've been talking about it all week."

Necessary said the Ohio Department of Transportation has done a good job of letting businesses know what's going on with the diverging diamond project, but she said no matter what, it will still catch people by surprise.

The closure will last until 6 a.m. on Monday.

But the headache still won't be over. The I-475 exit ramp onto 25 north will be closed for several weeks moving forward.

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