Beating opiate addiction together in Sylvania

Beating opiate addiction together in Sylvania

. - The Ohio Department of Health released a new study Wednesday showing a sharp increase in overdose deaths involving fentanyl and drugs related to the substance.

With that news comes a glimmer of hope, the report also shows a steady decrease in prescription opioid overdose deaths since 2009.

Our community continues to fight the drugs ravaging our neighborhoods. Wednesday night neighbors in Sylvania could learn more about how to beat opiate addiction.

It was a joint effort to stop opiate addiction in our neighborhoods.

The committee to elect Daniel Ellis for Sylvania Municipal Court Judge sponsored the event. He believes some of the fight starts in the courtroom.

"I think it's an important opportunity to intervene and it's the first time that people may get into trouble and as a consequence of that," said Daniel Ellis, candidate for judge. "It's an opportunity for the court to get back on track."

Recovery and support teams, law enforcement, addicts and more came together to share their expertise on how we can battle opioids in our community together.

Community members say it was informative.

"How people are coming around and people are coming to knowing what [addicts] need," said Sylvania resident Sue Tuite. "You know, not incarceration."

While it's great Ohio is seeing a reduction in prescription overdose deaths, officials say we still have a lot of work to do, even in places like Sylvania.

"I think we will find more cooperation instead of everybody's ego's taking center stage," said Lt. Robert Chromik, administrator of the Lucas County D.A.R.T. Unit. "They are going to check them at the door and they are going to go for that common goal and that's to help the community in the end."

Whether they are leading the fight or just beginning to learn more several in attendance say they want to beat not just heroin, but all opiates in our area.

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