‘How To Love A Bully’ seeks to end bullying

‘How To Love A Bully’ seeks to end bullying

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Four weeks ago today, a Toledo mother found her son lifeless and tried to revive him after he took his own life. Samantha Boyle said it was a single case of bullying which led to her son's death.

She's now made it her mission to get his story out to other parents.

"I want people to think about being kind," Samantha Boyle said while wiping tears.

She is hoping to spread a message of kindness rather than hate because she says that is what Luken would have wanted.

"Luken was a happy well-rounded well-liked kid and this one incident really pushed him to that point of desperation."

Luken Boyle was set to be a freshman at Central Catholic this year But Samantha says it was one case of bullying on social media took him from her.

"There were no warning signs, no patterns. I checked his phone his social media. There was no bullying," she added.

Another side to bullying Sam said she needs to get out, even though it's just been weeks since her son's death.

"If I Inspire one conversation and save one kid then that is enough for me. Then his death is not in vein," she added.

Luken's mom, along with a panel of experts helping parents with the topic of bullying, will be right at the west Toledo library Tuesday night. Part of an effort inspired by Luken's story called "How To Love A Bully."

"If you are a parent of a child being bullied or a parent of a bully or simply worry your child one day will be bullied this event is for you. You will get something that you can apply on a daily," said organizer, Jeremy Baumhower.

The panel of experts will hit several locations in northwest Ohio with hopes of informing parents and saving lives.

"We want to make kindness the first thought instead of doing something cruel and but i will probably spend every day doing that for him. I didn't think it would be so hard," Boyle added.

Visit the How To Love A Bully Facebook page for more information.

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